Setting sail is sheer luxury—but not when it’s possible to do in your basement or supply closet. Captain Plumbing has been taking to the high seas for our Salt Lake City neighbors for years. When it comes to water heaters, there are all types of sizes, makes and models, but our crew is skilled with all of them. We specialize in the repair and installation of water heaters for both homes and businesses in SLC.

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, we understand that the selection can be overwhelming. There are conventional models, tankless (also known as demand-type) water heaters, heat pump water heaters, solar models and tankless coil/indirect hot water heaters. Each type has different upsides depending on your needs and preferences. For example, conventional water heaters dish out a ready reservoir of hot water, while tankless varieties heat the water on demand.

Choosing the Right Type of Water Heater

Many in the Salt Lake City are getting on the green bandwagon, opting for a solar water heater that taps into the sun’s energy for hot water. Others prefer a tankless coil system that utilizes the property’s existing heating system to obtain that hot water. Maybe you want a storage tank, or maybe you don’t. Perhaps you prefer a more conventional method of heating, or maybe you’re ready to see what solar power can do for you.

We’ll go over the options based on your needs and budget. If you prefer living solo, your needs are going to be a lot different than if you run a small business or have a baseball team of kids. There are many things to consider when choosing a water heater, including size, cost, fuel type, availability and size.

Water Heaters: Something for Everyone

Not every property in SLC necessarily has access to all of the fuel varieties. The choices include electricity, geothermal energy, natural gas, fuel oil, propane or solar energy. In some instances you’ll have all of these options at your fingertips, but other times you’re “stuck” with just one or two. Still, the make and model you select can play a big role in optimizing your energy efficiency.

Comparing fuel costs is just one part of making the best water heater decision for you and your property. Of course, even the best systems need some routine maintenance and the occasional repair. That’s where Captain Plumbing really shines. Skilled at finding X marks the spot (for trouble, leaks, issues and complaints), we’re committed to providing premium service to our neighbors.

The Best Prices in the Industry:

For your hot water heater repair or replacement, we can help. Our water heater technicians can usually install a new hot water heater within a hour and a half. Any brand you would like we will be sure to provide it with excellent service.

Signs that it’s time to get a new Water Heater:

1. Any leaking is never good. Call us right away.

2. A water heater older than 6 years, the warranty has expired.

3. No longer heating water. This may be reparable without replacing the entire water heater, ask our techs to assess your water heater today.

4. Excess rust, or build up at the top of your water heater and/or rusty colored water.

5. Extra noisy when heating water.

Extend the life of your Water Heater:

Draining your water heater every 6 months can extend the life of your water heater. Schedule an appointment with a technician to show you how you can do this correctly on your own.

Emergency Leaks & Pipe Bursts

If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergecny plumbing

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