Captain Plumbing is your local, family owned and operated full plumbing contractor forworking both residential and commercial plumbing services. Many people only call plumbing contractors in an emergency—and the Captain Plumbing is definitely who you want on deck during a burst pipe or flooded basement. However, there’s a lot more to plumbing than meets the eye. After all, when over 90 percent of plumbing details are hidden in walls or underground, it’s a dirty job best left to a professional.

Captain Plumbing specializes in all things plumbing including drain cleaning, pipe jetting, water softeners, water heater installation and repair and commercial plumbing. Just like your own “plumbing,” routine checkups and maintenance are key to taking preventative measures. Most homeowners and commercial property owners could improve their water quality, lower their water bills and prevent big (and expensive) repair bills with routine checkups.

Are your pipes, tanks and water really doing their best for you?

Captain, My Captain

Each professional plumbing contractor at Captain Plumbing is highly skilled. We prioritize continuing education and there’s no job too big (or small) to handle. Licensed, bonded and certified, only the best plumbers are dispatched to help our neighbors maintain, repair or install all plumbing-related activities. While most people think pipes, toilets or drains when they hear “plumbing,” there’s a lot more to it.

Is your water the right level of softness or are you getting by with hard water—and all the trouble it can cause? Are you thinking about installing a new water heater or want to make sure your existing one is pulling its weight? From pipe jetting to drain cleaning and everything in between, the Captain takes a holistic approach to plumbing upkeep which saves you time, trouble and money that might otherwise go “down the drain.”

What Excellent Plumbing Looks Like

Unfortunately, since so many people wait until disaster strikes before blindly calling a plumber, this means you’re not necessarily getting the best quality. Start building a relationship today with Captain Plumbing, just like you would with any other expert or professional. You wouldn’t hope for the best when getting a tattoo, haircut or choosing your child’s preschool, would you? The same care should be taken with your plumbing.

Captain Plumbing proudly receives top-notch referrals, reviews and testimonials and there’s a reason why. We’re proud to serve our neighbors and guarantee the best in service. That’s exactly what you and your property deserve. Competitive prices, quality work, friendly service and fast action is what our reputation is built upon. Trust in Captain Plumbing, and smooth sailing is in your future.

Emergency Leaks & Pipe Bursts

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